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DJI – The Future of Possible

The Work

Drone technology continuously evolves but it is not until last decade that it enjoyed exceptional growth. Initially made available for military purposes, drone equipment has now become easily accessible to regular folks and businesses of all sizes and sectors. Leading this industry and capturing a sizeable piece of the drone market is DJI, a manufacturer of easy-to-fly drones and aerial photography systems. As a reputable brand for drones in the market, Priority worked with DJI Malaysia for the launch of the Spark for hobbyists, and the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom for professionals.

The universal appeal of drones means that there is so much more potential for use cases across different industries. Leveraging this, Priority extended the brand’s engagement beyond tech media, to include lifestyle writers (exploring the drone photography angle) and automotive journalists (as more of them are incorporating drone footage in their test drive videos) to experience how drone technology can add value to their area of work. The demonstration and test sessions which took place during the launch events saw a creative gathering of experienced drone enthusiasts and even sparked newfound interest in amateur hobbyists.

The Outcome

For a technology that is as nascent as it is filled with potential, one of the strategies Priority devised for the launch events was to tap into engaging stories of similar characteristics. Our focus on small businesses and photographers who could do wonders with drone technology paid off – we received overwhelmingly positive feedback when we let consumers tell their stories and as a result, a lot of interest was created not only from the media but untapped consumer groups like small businesses, hobbyists, etc. as well.

Priority successfully secured pre- and post-media coverage with continued placement opportunities for the brand, across key tier-1 media titles and trade publications. More than 50 stories and close to 100 social posts were generated for the DJI Spark launch event, with many attending media expressing their keen anticipation of DJI’s next product launch. In fact, there were a couple of drones sold at the event!

Ultimately, Priority succeeded in creating a better understanding of the drone industry, but importantly, positioned DJI as the leader in drone manufacturing and an established brand name of quality drones.


Image Credit: SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.

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