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Samsung -
Connected Living

The Work

"The Internet of things has the potential to transform our society, economy, and how we live our lives. It is our job to pull together - as an industry, and across different sectors - to make true on the promise of the Internet of Things." -Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman, BK Yoon.

The foundation of this connected ecosystem is a unified, powerful cloud that is accessible through a single app – now known as SmartThings. This cloud is an open platform that is compatible with Samsung’s mobile devices, TVs, home appliances, and more for one seamless experience.

Over the years, Samsung Malaysia has consistently aimed towards conveying the message that with its smart devices and appliances, your entire home is one connected ecosystem in which all these devices can interact seamlessly.

With that in mind, Priority made it a goal to educate the public about Samsung’s SmartThings app. Priority also effectively linked the message to meet the client’s marketing objectives and business outcomes, clearly demonstrated the significant impact from the article creations. By frequently conveying the message that Samsung devices have the capability to make lives simpler, the public would have a better grasp on Samsung’s Connected Living idea that gives you more time to focus on aspects of your lives that truly matter.

The Outcome

The articles outcome affirmed the role of PR with hard evidence of great positive ROI. Priority successfully garnered numerous positive clippings from both traditional and digital media throughout the campaign and reached new audiences in Malaysia. Our analysis on the feedback garnered also showed that many customers in the older age group were not aware that they could connect across Samsung devices to achieve seamless home and business experiences. Audiences were excited over the information and its possibilities. The feedback also reaffirmed Samsung as the mobile and home devices of choice among those who wish to transform their house into a smarter home.

The media and KOLs also gave feedback that they were very impressed with the Samsung’s Connected Living campaign, its line-up of new innovations, all of which created to streamline and simplify day-to-day tasks and offer a more personalized and unique experience for each user, in a way that only Samsung can.

Image Credit: Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn. Bhd.

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