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Marigold HL Low Fat Milk -
“Super Milk” Campaign

The Work

Milk has always been regarded as one of the most complete of foods, containing almost all the important nutrients for optimal growth, making it an integral part of a person’s diet especially during childhood years. However, the trend for milk consumption typically begins to steadily decline through adulthood. Marigold dissected the reason behind this low consumption and found that Malaysians’ hectic schedules are inadvertently causing them to leave milk out of their diet despite it being easily available. Determined to reintroduce this nutritional beverage back into the nation’s daily intake, Marigold launched a campaign to revive the milk-drinking culture among Malaysians.

A behavioural change begins with mindset and as such Priority embarked on a “Super Milk” campaign to help consumers understand the benefits of milk and more importantly remember to increase their milk consumption for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. More than just a product-based campaign, the “Super Milk” movement builds on the foundation of HL Milk as a super companion that brings out the “super-ness” in consumers, helping them take on the day and achieve more in life.

As milk consumption is important for people of all ages, Priority ensured that the conversations on HL Milk took place both online (using social platforms for young audience) and offline (leveraging on print and broadcast for more traditional audience). A series of interviews with lifestyle and health media as well as curated videos produced for social media were executed throughout the 6-month campaign.

The Outcome

Based on feedback from consumers, it became clear that adults usually do not consume milk directly but consume milk via coffee, tea, protein shakes and other beverages. Understanding the insights on the attitudes and behavior of the identified group, Marigold’s “Super Milk” campaign reflected a modern approach to drinking milk amongst adults and successfully reached an important target group, those who were conscious of fitness and health.

By reframing the angle, we created a universal understanding amongst the targeted audience that when drinking milk, the Super Milk benefits you more; so, pick your milk wisely.

The collaboration with uprising fitness and health KOLs succeeded in securing media interest and engagement. Utilising targeted message to different media channels was extremely well received by the media.

Overall, the campaign generated more than a ROI of 12.5 times. The campaign was equally a success online – reaching million impressions and a social engagement of almost 100,000 likes, comments, and shares. Beyond quantitative results, PRIORITY attained quality coverage with key messages consistently captured and conveyed in a positive tone and manner.


Image Credit: Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd | MARIGOLD

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