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TikTok #StayAtHome -
Series of Campaigns

The Work

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented change to all industries around the world, without excluding TikTok from having their operations impacted as well. Campaigns and paid initiatives that required physical meetings were abruptly put to a stop in a nationwide effort to flatten the curve, but TikTok as the leading destination for short-videos powered through via several key campaigns.

Priority and TikTok continued to champion the app for being a positive and joyous platform for all, despite the pandemic lowering morale worldwide. TikTok tackled the pandemic head on by raising awareness on its platform via several local and international campaigns.

Amongst the many campaigns were #SafeHands, #StayAtHomeChallenge, #TerimaKasihHero and #StayAtHome Live! Special. Priority leveraged media alerts and listicles to drive further awareness around these campaigns, creating a steady drumbeat of positive stories around the brand and their commitment to providing information about the pandemic while simultaneously keeping spirits high via fun challenges.

TikTok understood the need for a concerted and collective effort in tackling the pandemic. This was why TikTok teamed up with institutions like the World Health Organization to raise awareness about good hand hygiene through the #safehands challenge.
Views: 5.4 Bil.

The #stayathome challenge encouraged Malaysians to showcase all the creative ways they kept busy during the nationwide MCO. This challenge was designed to keep users entertained and frequently on their toes, but more importantly, it was to encourage Malaysians to stay at home and help flatten the curve.
Views: 27.6 Bil.

'Thank You Hero' campaign encouraged users to express their gratitude for frontliners in essential services for working tirelessly during the pandemic. On top of expressing gratitude, this challenge also raised awareness on the importance of social distancing, which was a vital practice in tackling the pandemic.
Views: 189 Mil.

#StayAtHome LIVE! Specials
TikTok LIVE is a new feature on the platform for select individuals to live stream from their device. As part of the #stayathome initiative, local and regional celebrities participated in a special interactive session to show their support with the nation by entertaining users who were contributing to flattening the curve by staying home.

The Outcome

The near-global quarantine period saw many people around the world downloading and embracing the app for its diverse library of content. Above all, new users praised TikTok and its collaborative culture for having a positive impact on their mental health via fun and meaningful challenges.

TikTok also became an educational platform for many to learn during the pandemic, bringing life to organic global trends. This ultimately resulted to an overwhelming amount of positive news from the local media with over RM1.2 million in coverage over a period of eight months.

Image Credit: TikTok Pte. Ltd.

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