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Toyota Vios -
As Never Before

The Work

The first ever Toyota Vios was introduced in 2002 and after four generations of innovation, the Vios, now is the brand’s subcompact sedan that has undergone vast improvements to take driving experience to the next level. Just as Toyota has innovated its cars, the brand wanted to innovate the way it communicates to its customers, thus embarking on an emotional journey that instantly attracts attention while showcasing the key features of the car.

Since music is a universal language, Toyota embarked on a creative journey to produce a catchy music video “As Never Before” that speaks directly to the hearts of its consumers while showcasing the enhanced qualities of the All-New Vios. The result of the music video is an amalgamation of the car’s aesthetic design, on-road drivability and performance, and a bold new image.

Priority positioned and communicated this campaign as Toyota’s effort in exploring marketing ideas beyond conventional mediums and leveraged on digital content that came in the form of musical entertainment. Beyond the usual engagement of automotive journalists, PRIORITY pitched the campaign to lifestyle and entertainment media who responded enthusiastically.

The Outcome

“As Never Before” is by far the largest scale music video for UMW Toyota Malaysia not only in terms of production scale but value, overall creativity, and effort as well. By pushing the boundaries of what a typical car commercial looks like, Toyota has cemented its place among inspiring brands and has garnered the attention of media outside of the automotive scene. The breadth of media titles secured cut across broadcast, online, trade and social media.

Customers that came for the launch loved the live event which generated a wave of enthusiasm and engagement and new enquiries. We also saw higher branded volume of social conversation, deeper fan engagement and increased in impressions. Fans were super elated to see the music video, an amalgamation of the car’s aesthetics, drivability and performance that featured Malaysian celebrity Shukri Yahaya and beatboxer Shawn Lee.

Overall, the campaign raked in over a million Ringgit in advertising value equivalent (excluding product coverage from automotive media).

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